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"I really think Merchant Advisors is one of the most reliable and efficient businesses I have ever worked with for a cash advance. Anyone who uses them will have the same satisfaction as I did."

Jeff S.
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Higher Commissions.  Better Agent Support.
Why Wouldn’t You Partner With Merchant Advisors?

There are plenty of companies out there offering cash advances to small business owners.  So why should you partner with Merchant Advisors as a referral agent or direct selling agent?
The answer is simple:  We make bigger cash advances-up to 30% bigger than our competitors.  That means 30% more commission for you.  And with a 98% approval rate on all cash advance applications you can rely on one company to handle all your merchants.
But there’s more to it than bigger commissions.  At Merchant Advisors, we offer unparalleled support, both for the merchant and for you, the agent.  Depending on the type of partnership you choose, we’ll complete merchant applications, approve them promptly, reprogram terminals, and get your merchants funded as quickly as possible. 

As a registered Merchant Service Provider of Visa/MasterCard and with over 25 years combined experience in the bankcard business, Merchant Advisors will provide the support you need with all aspects of merchant bankcard acquisition, conversion and ongoing maintenance.

When our agents succeed, we succeed.  That’s why we provide everything you need to build your agency and enjoy even greater success for your company

Our Quick Start Cash Advance Agent program includes:

  • Training manuals
  • Live trainings for your office
  • Personalized marketing materials
  • Your own customized web site.  Click Here to see sample templates to choose from.
  • Email & Email hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Your own dedicated Merchant Advisors Support Administrator
  • Free Leads!  (for qualified agents)

You’ll also benefit from the brand recognition generated by our national TV commercials, as well as our “Free Terminal Swap” program, which allows qualifying merchants to replace their worn, outdated, or rented equipment with a free, state-of-the-art terminal.

Spend more time generating new merchant opportunities and less time implementing and servicing accounts.

More money, less hassle, and a better experience for you and your merchants.  It’s time you partnered with Merchant Advisors. 

To find our more about our Direct Selling and Referral Agent programs:

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Bank Partnership Alliance

Anytime you say “No” to a higher-risk business applicant, there’s a good chance you’ll never see that business again. The Merchant Advisors Bank Partnership Alliance gives you the opportunity to accept higher-risk applicants without having to bear the risk yourself.

The Merchant Advisors Bank Partnership Alliance allows your financial institution to offer credit card, ACH and working capital solutions to business owners who do not meet your present credit requirements. We offer several options depending on your specific needs. From Tier 1 low risk, retail business to Tier 2 sub prime, high risk merchants, we have the experience and the solutions to approve 98% of your merchant referrals.

What’s in it for you? We pay a one-time referral fee for approved accounts. For credit card and ACH processing, we also offer monthly revenue-sharing. More importantly, we help ensure that your customers’ commercial business stays with you, and that all proceeds from credit card and ACH transactions are deposited in your financial institution.

Credit Card & ACH Processing

If your financial institution does not provide payment processing, Merchant Advisors will act as your outsourced sales department and sign up and approve your referred merchants. You send us a simple merchant inquiry form and we’ll do the rest. Our complete transaction processing solution accommodates all your customers’ needs.

If you already offer merchant accounts & ACH programs, our Bank Partnership Alliance gives you a profitable way to refer accounts that fall outside your normal underwriting criteria or whom you have declined for processing. Merchant Advisors and its bank processing partners have a high threshold for risk tolerance and will routinely approve your referred merchants. We boast a 98% merchant approval rate.

Working Capital Solutions

Merchant Advisors specializes in providing working capital solutions to C, D and E credit businesses. We typically accept businesses that don’t fit your standard credit underwriting requirements. From new restaurants to companies with poor credit, we’ve got a solution to fit most customers’ needs. We provide sub-prime loans and merchant cash advances against future credit card transactions.


Merchant Cash Advances
Offer your customers working capital against their future credit card sales. Give your bank a competitive advantage by offering a product your competition doesn’t.

Sub Prime Business Loans

Monetize your declined loans with no risk. Keep your customers’ commercial checking account business even when you choose not to offer them a loan directly.

Credit Card Processing - Retail

Free Terminal with Retail Merchant Program. A great way to acquire new business customers.

Credit Card Processing - Internet, Mail/Telephone Order

Low, Medium, High Risk Merchants accepted. 98% Merchant Account Approval Rate

ACH Processing

ACH processing capabilities to merchants who wish to process Check By Phone and Internet Check Payments. 98% merchant approval rate for ACH merchants.